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Re: lateral ankle stabilization and debridement

Hi Julie,
yes I had a ruptured CFL and ATFL. The surgeon says its a cumulation of 25 years of football and constantly rolling the ankle. The arthritis is part of that.
I managed last night without pain relief and made it up the stairs in my apartment. Did the hoovering and washing and drove back down to my parents although its not far and Im still not confident.
I cant believe I cant press ahead with the physio, but Im not going to dismiss my surgeons advice for the sake of a few weeks.
Ive been taking glucosamine with chondrotin since 2006 when I did my ACL, the jury is out on them, however I dont think they are doing me any harm.
The fact that Im still relying on people is the most annoying part of all of this and Christmas coming up I havent been out.
I would hate to have a drink and slip or something, would be a nightmare.
Ive heard of Arnica tablets I think my dad has some I must try them
thanks again Julie keep in touch