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Re: Diagnosed - High BP - scared

Originally Posted by 9one1 View Post
Well you're absolutely right, i do however have PTSD, I've had it for the last 20 years so I do stress easier then most but I was simply curious about the coffee for no other reason then i just was, you're right though it's about priorities at this point.
I speak from experience concerning anxiety ....... but to an extent mine was started by medication withdrawal and then stayed on longer than it should. I was recently given a prescription for anxiety which i decided was for me a step too far. The moment the doc told me tat it wasn't me it was stopping the meds - i started the process of repairing the anxiety without med. I feel really pleased with myself that I coerced my mind into overcoming the anxiety. So I feel affinity with where you are.

To me - a part of dealing with anxiety is putting those elements your anxious about into a realistic context of your life overall. For example there isn't anything currently seriously wrong with you by the sound of it. In the worst case scenario - if you have raised BP - you know about it and it's absolutely controllable. So that is a plus not a minus isn't it

Eating and drinking what you like in responsible way is a part of enjoying and putting your life into balance.