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Re: Pain During Well Lubcricated Sex

Try to put pillow under your butt when in missionary position. This pain might be occured because the pressure is getting hard between the penis shaft and upside vagina wall, especially when he is sliding-in along the clitoris way to inside of upper vagina wall.

Been there, my wife ever felt the hurt. So, I put the pillow below her butt.

Or, you may try woman on top, as the opening in penetrating session. It might help you reduce the possibilty of less lubricated area inside your vagina.

Well, vaginal lubrication is not just at the opening (there are 4 vibes in here). Actually the mucus is the best lubrication, usually productive heavily when ovulation period.

--- oh try saliva, if you don't disgust with it. It's the best natural lubrication when penetration is at the door.