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Re: Diagnosed - High BP - scared

No problem at all ... it's no trouble.

For what it's worth ....... I learned about moderation by an entirely different route. I have absolutely no idea whether the thought is of any value to you. I learned about moderation via food.

I love chips. (French fries?) . There's lots of debates everywhere about how often you can eat chips per week. In the UK it's not more than once per week is quite common., A lot of Americans are rather large as a result of eating too much of what they like. But actually you can eat chips as often as you want .... it's the quantity that's important.

I worked out that I got most pleasure out of the first few chips and after that I was just stuffing myself. So what I did was when I was eating something I enjoyed but was possibly bad in quantities I'd stop quite quickly on the self-promise I could do the same again tommorow if I wanted to. I'm lucky .... but many of us are .... I won't go hungry like many in the world. So I have the choice to have chips if I wanted to every day as long as it's just a few.

It's the same with alcahol. I love wine. But now it's just a max of a bottle between us ... but mostly over two days. It's actually the first few sips that give the most pleasure.

This doesn't mean I am slim and fit. I'm not ... but I can walk for hours without getting out of breath and I might be really ugly but I have a snse of humour and my wife and kids love me ...... so in those circumstances shouldn't we be happy.

Keep up the good work and let us know how the results go and post back before if you need.