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Re: 21 yrs old cancer survivor ovarian failure Need Help?

Originally Posted by Nhlsurvivor2008 View Post
Ok so I feel really stupid asking this but the last time I checked my dr's told me I wouldn't be having this issue again ever... and that I was in full blown ovarian failure for the last six years.. I was on depo shot while on chemo...then had a transplant... I have not had a period in six years.. (when I did have them they were horrible and very irregular) but anyway my question is..
Is it possible to randomly just start the period again?? I am having major bleeding kinda like a period but slightly differnt... but not having all the other symptoms like moodiness eI thought it might be related to the fact I have gallstones but then I realized
but now this morning I awake with sharp pains in my lower abdomen but not cramping...
Just wondering if after six years of ovarian failure...and no periods at all for six years.. if it was possible that it just randomly start... its been going on since like last sunday but it was more just when wiping after going to the bathroom, then yesterday a couple drplets but
this morning its realllllllllly bad
Hi survivor. I want to get this straight. What kind of transplant did you have? Kind of cancer? On anti- rejection drugs? Old enough for meno pause? Want to have another/ 1st
child? Sorry for questions. If menstrual blood, how many pads/ tampons used & soaked thru in last 24 hrs? Bright, red blood?