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Re: Sinusitis - It's like a bad joke

Based on what you've shared it doesn't sound like you've actually seen a doctor who has tried to treat you for CHRONIC sinusitis.

Antibiotics and prednisone are generally prescribed for acute sinusitis (which is caused by a bacterial infection). Chronic sinusitis is the result of inflammation in your sinuses and has a very different treatment regimen that usually includes:

-Antihistamines (with a decongestant or you can take pseudoephedrine separately)
-Singulair (which helps keeps polyps from recurring)
-Daily use of a steroid nasal spray like RhinocortAQ or Flonase (usually after a round of oral steroids to shrink inflammation)
-Daily saline irrigation with a NeilMed SinusRinse bottle (available at CVS or Walgreens)
-Mucinex to thin out the sinus drainage (available at CVS/Walgreens without a prescription)
-Allergy shots

Your best bet is to find an ENT who specializes in the treatment of chronic sinusitis, which means looking for someone at a teaching hospital like UPMC in Pittsburgh (most office based ENTs simply don't have the training to treat chronic sinus disease). Based on the UPMC website, Dr. Berrylin Ferguson heads up the department that treats chronic sinus disease (and she is a recognized expert in that area) so you should probably start there.

It takes time (and the right doctor) to get chronic sinusitis under control, so don't give up, but there is a lot that can be done to help. You can try things like saline irrigation and Mucinex immediately but getting the polyps and inflammation under control will take medical help.

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