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Re: HIV exposure and freaking out!!!

Originally Posted by stress80 View Post
I hope you're right, because I've never had white tongue, swollen lymph nodes in groin and neck at the same time. If I'm negative it will be a miracle.
Either way this has been a life changing event for me!
So I couldn't take waiting 3 months and told my best friend my situation yesterday. I can't believe how supportive he was and he drove me to get tested. I did a 20 min result antibody test for HIV 1 and 2...both negative! I just knew the doctor was going to say positive.
I feel so much better, but am still going to get tested in a few months again. Testing yesterday was exactly a month from possible exposure. Something would've shown up by then right? Either way I'm still going to get tested again and this has truly taught me a lesson! Nothing, but safe sex from now on, unless it's a monogamous relationship and we're both tested.
I think it's good for people to get scares like this, cause it will definitely wake your eyes up and realize to start practicing safe sex and help preventing the spread of HIV. I'm also optimistic that in the near future scientists are going to find a cure. After reading all the information on HIV I feel more knowledgeable about it, which helps with my future sex life. I think everyone needs to read up on HIV and other disease information to stay informative about the situation at hand.
Well sorry for the long text, but thank you for listening to me and also helping to keep my stress and anxiety down.