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Re: Epi-lasik done one eye at a time

Day 8 - clearing up but no distance vision yet

Eyes feel totally normal. I can see fairly clearly with my left eye from about 2 ft. I can easily read with it. I just can't focus across the room. I am hoping that changes over time but I am not seeing any change yet. My distance vision has cleared up in the sense that I don't have any double vision or other noise. It is just beyond my focal range. My new eye is now better than my uncorrected right eye in all situations but certainly not as good as my corrected vision was yet.

I am SO GLAD that I did one eye. If both eyes were like my left right now I would be pretty tired of it. I have gotten totally used to depending 70% on my right eye and using the left mostly for depth perception. With my glasses that have the left plano lense I am completely functional, driving comfortably, using the computer and ipad, reading, etc. sometimes I close my right eye and realize how thankful I am that I am not dependent on my left.


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