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Re: Asthma increasing as prednisone tapers?

I just wanted to second that an action plan can be really helpful, ask your dr for one, and add that normally you aren't supposed to take any more than one puff of advair twice a day, instead you would need to go to the higher dose. Because while you want to up the inhaled steroid part (flovent) you don't want to double the bronchodialator (servant) dose. If needed, you could ask the dr to change you to advair 500/50. Also I didn't see you mention how long your prednisone taper was? My old allergist used to have me on a long gradual taper, and when he retired, the new dr put me on 60 for 2 days, 40 for 2 days, 20 for 2 days and off. That was awful, I was not ready to taper by 20 mg after 4 days, so I just called the office, described what was going on, and she changed the taper to a slower more gradual one. I normally start at 60 or 40 and then decrease by 5 mg every other day. I really think that everyone is different, and you just need to find out what works for you.