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important, need to know what to do!

basically over nearly 3 years ive been thinking that i have brain tumour, but i have never done anything about it. sometimes i have gone all dizzy and fell over but i can feel when its going to happen because i start going blind and i panic because i cant see anything, also about 80% of a month i have headaches, when i cough it feels like the back of my head is about to explode ( sounds dramatic) but im being serious, i sometimes go numb like pins an needles of such and im not in a position to get them, i do get neck pain, my attitude has totally changed i now have nothing to do with my family an to be quite honest the real reason i havnt gone doctors yet is because if im going to die i dont want to know about it or if i find out i do have it what would i tell my daughter. please tell me what you think of this! xx

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