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Re: lateral ankle stabilization and debridement

Hi Noel,
My ligaments were close to rupture
Well done on making it with no pain relief last night - and doing the hoovering an washing - that is awesome progress!
Must have been so difficult with the stairs for you - at least I only have 2 at the front door.
Definitely don't dismiss your surgeon's advice - he knows what works for him and his patients and he knows you.
I really feel your annoyance and frustration about relying on people - that was one of the most difficult things for me too.
I have to laugh - someone offered me a drink when I was on crutches and I had already had a couple of tumbles - one where I had slammed into the doorway giving myself a massive bruise on my arm - lol!! NO way was I going to have a drink!
The only other thing that I didn't cope with too well was having a lot of 'thinking time' - too much time in my head.
My surgeon also had me injecting myself with a blood thinner every night whilst I was in the back slab and cast - I do not miss that at all.
I last saw my surgeon 10days post surgery and now not until 3mth review on 3rd Jan.
Hope you have managed to have a better weekend.
Take care
6 Oct '12: OCD talar, lat menis lesion, decomp ant ankle, osteotomy post proc talus, synovec post ankle, modified Brostrom-Gould, release PTT