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Re: Really overwhelmed - inconclusive but "suspicious of malignancy"

Just an update. Turns out that one nodule was follicular carcinoma and the smaller nodule was papillary carcinoma. I had one lobe removed Monday and yesterday, after getting my path report, they removed the rest of my thyroid. still don't know what stage cancer I have but am relieved that my lymph node came back clean. My doctor took me off of synthroid for the next month until I have the radioactive iodine treatment. Not sure what is in store for me, and I am scared, but am relieved that this is all treatable. What is life without a thyroid going to be like? Am I destined to be tired and have weight issues now or is there normal life on the horizon? Will post more as I learn more about what is going on. Just focussing on recuperating after two surgeries in one week.

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