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Re: Mom is dying.

I am so sorry to know this. I understand hospital is hard for her. Is it congestive heart failure? My late FIL with Alzheimer's actually had survived up to the very late stage when he could not walk/talk and had trouble eating (needed to be fed this year since the spring.) One day in July he got sick and needed oxygen. He had had heart failure for 4 years. The doctor didn't really know why but just gave him all the comfort care. I supposed if we sent him to the hospital, they would do all the stuff with tubes and oxygen and etc. He had trouble eating (eating little per day for a week) and then he was gone that Sunday after a week due to heart attack. No specific reason of why because it was educated guess by the doctor. He went in his sleep in the morning. There was no hospice yet but we moved him to the other wing for very sick people that week. My husband signed some polst paperwork saying no more hospital or tubes. I still wonder if hospital would have helped, but he was too weak to be transported as it seemed. So he had some kind of palliative care but the death was not expected.
If his heart didn't kill him, he probably would have only lived for some more months given his eating problem. He was bedridden a lot and didn't engage in any activities. No talking at all (just saying "Ah" when he repsonded.)

It seems hospice is in order for your Mom. But no one can predict how long. I sure hope she will not suffer and can go in peace. Praying for your Mom and you.


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