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Unhappy I here sounds in my left lung

,Hello,im new here and have searched the web for answers to my question as to what could be going on in my left lung. I have had no luck at all. So i thought ask the people who by chance be able to offer up some advise. So here goes,For the last several months almost more like a year i can just be siting in my chair on the computer or reading,watching t.v, putting makeup on or whatever. I here a coarse sort of crackle sound audibly coming form my left lung. I can raise my arm's or switch positions and it is still there. It is not everyday but is at least 5 days a wk that i here it. My daughter has heard it sitting next to me. I feel fine and occasionally have an annoying dry cough,I have not been sick or on antibiotics for any reason in more than a year. So i take the complaint to my doctor and naturally he hears nothing. He says all sounds good and clear with good breath sounds. I tell him what i told you all here and he doesn't seem the least bit concerned because he here's nothing. I am thankful i do not here this sound in my lung all day everyday but i know it is clearly something not rite going on. Most of the time i only here it in the morning time and sometimes at bed time. I am just frustrated and don't know what to do about this. I am also on medicaid and go to a clinic that helps low income people. And yes,i do smoke cigarettes and have had not had a chest x~ray in i do not even remember when. Thank you in advance if anyone can enlighten me i greatly appricate it. Thank you,oh,and im a 46 year old female.

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