Thread: Mom is dying.
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Re: Mom is dying.

5alive, thank you for sharing your beautiful story. I am sorry about your mom. You have me in tears as well.
My mom has congestive heart failure from leaky heart valves, they are leaking fluid into her lungs. Draining that fluid will not fix the problem, only prolong her life by maybe a few days, week, or more until she gets fluid buildup again. We had no way of knowing it would be so soon after her hospital release, but the doctor did warn us that she could worsen. The only way to fix leaky heart valves is with surgery, they refuse to do surgery on her because of her state.

I was already thinking suggesting that they drain her one more time. I don't know what is right but one thing I do know it is not right for her to be suffering this way.
She is drowning in her own fluid. She is suffering.

My sister is giving me reg updates. I am preparing myself and while I always hold on to hope, I need to be realistic as well.