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Surgery on 11/30 - Im scared!

Hi Everyone!

I've never had any surgery or other medical procedures before!! This started for me in august, but if I think back, maybe an attack or so over the winter months! I went through all the reflux stuff - endoscopy, swallow study, CT scan, HIDA scan(8%), ultrasound....blah blah blah....finally when I wasnt totally getting relief from the reflux meds, the Dr said time to go see the surgeon and see what he says about the HIDA results. He said it was a no brainer and that with the sludge they found in my GB it should come here we are.....5 days before the surgery!! Im having a LOT of nausea (they gave me an Rx that I can only take at night because it makes me sleepy), and suddenly alot of loose stools after I eat. THe pain has increased over the past 2 weeks as well, mainly in my back, side and shoulder area.

I know everyone says this is an easy surgery etc etc, but I am still very anxious about the whole thing, and because of what the past few months has been like, Im so worried that this might not be the answer either!!! UGH!!!!

Thanks for letting me vent my nervous energy!! BUt if anyone could/would take the time to go step by step with me through the process I'll go through on Friday, I would be soooo happy to listen!!!!

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