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Hi there, sorry you are dealing with this but you get used to it in time. I believe many people go their whole lives with nodules and never need tt. I've known about my nodules for 13 years, 1 is 2cm, others 8mm-1.5cm. I have at least 8 in all. Last ultrasound used all the buzz words, calcification, solid, hypoechoic etc but docs not least bit concerned. Sorry i can't tell you more, guess they're so common most docs disregard until major issues with them. Wishing you the best and hope you have a good, caring doc.
thank you for your comment, sorry to hear about your sufferings too.. what is tt? have you biopsied your nodules? i don't know how accurate is the needle biopsy, if it's not very accurate, why bother with the testing... how often do you do altrasound?