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Re: thyroid nodules

Originally Posted by Reece View Post
The size of your nodules may be a bit small for a needle biopsy. Nodules can come and go if benign.

You should get full thyroid blood work, tsh, free t4, free t3, and antibodies (particularly graves, I think tsi) and then see if there's room to see if thyroid hormone might help suppress the growth of this thyroid and nodules.

hi, thanks for your comment. i've done the blood work, the lab results are normal. do nodules really come and go? i thought they will always stay. i was hoping the 2mm nodule i had last year would disappear on this report too.......but here comes another one, triple the size.. -__-

it's kinda ironic to see statistics saying there's very little chance of the nodules being cancerous, but it's still 10%, it's still somewhat high, isn't it? oh well, i don't know what to do at the moment. do you know what it means when the report says i have increased vascularity?