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Re: Initial MS Diagnosis/MRI question

Thanks, Nik. I am having an Evoked Potential vison test and lumbar MRI Monday. Dr's name is Keller. I thought I would get a few more test results to have when I see another doctor, which I probably will. Do you have the name of the group from Penn? I live very close to Cherry Hill and would be willing to travel to Philly if I had too. If you have a Dr's name that would be great, too. My present Dr. keeps saying he doesn't think I have MS because my MRI was clear, even though there was one not-so-bright lesion on my last MRI a few weeks ago. I am NOT trying to say I have MS and the dr. doesn't know what he is talking about. I am concerned he won't listen to my symptoms inspite of the test results. Of the ones most commonly listed, I have just about all of them! (I'm holding off on If anyone has any other suggestions or thought they had MS but was diagnosed with something else, I'd love to hear from them. I had about 3 good days so far where my symptoms were much less, but as I write, both my legs from the knees down are tingling and feel numb again. Oh well. I DO appreciate your suggestions and concern. My present dr. said he would be willing to give me a referral for a second opinion and I will ask if that will get me in any quicker to see a real MS specialist. I can't imagine it helping since getting an appt.with a specialist always takes a long time. We shall see. Hugs to everyone.