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Re: the urge is almost unbearable

I don't know if the new meds are going to work for me, my pdoc said that his concern with putting me on them was that if I am as he suspects type 2 bi-polar that they would cause me to swing to a hypomanic state and I am trying very hard to believe that I haven't but I am not so sure that it is working.

the holidays were not a good time for me, moving my grandmother was difficult and I ended up having issues with my ex-husband and his new wife which didn't help. I would like to say that I used healthy coping mechanisms but I didn't. I haven't cut in a couple of weeks but I need to get my head on straight when is comes to how much I drink and eat. My gallbladder is giving me so much pain that I am thinking of going to a liquid diet until I see the surgeon on Wed just to see if that helps and by liquid I don't mean alcohol. I see my pdoc at the end of the week I just don't know what he is going to say about the meds.

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