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Re: Any form of contact is slowing right down

Yeah, it's not easy at first. But the more we practice, it will become an automatic one.

There are two conditions I usually met, when she needs the emotional feed
A. I'm extremely tired, I fought the tiredness. And spare up for 10% energy to do the 'listening'.
Even though she knew I did not listen thoroughly, but at least she feels a bit better.
B. I'm really in bad mood, feel badly angry due to distress at work. Then i'm pending her needs. "I really need to be alone. Give me 10 minutes." She won't reject it. Then after 10 min, I do the point A.

Men, usually feels better the longer in his loneliness, but he can't apply that method to his wife, or mother. Thanks to my mom, she's my best teacher and taught me about how a woman expecting that someone would listen to her. She seeked me a lot, because I'm always listening to her.

What must be avoided is, don't let your woman ask-for-it (to be listened), because it's not their nature. It becomes worsen in most of time.