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Re: sudden, sharp chest pains on left side

It seems I'm part of this ever growing club. After multiple ER visits, 2 Chest X-rays, 3 EKGs, an echo, and a stress test, I've been told that my heart is fine. I seem to have sporadic tachycardia, but nothing to worry about. I've heard the acid reflux suggestion; I've also heard that it may be an electrical issue. I'm seeing a team of chiropractors as well as a physical therapist and they're fairly convinced that it may have something to do with a condition called costochondritis, along with a few ribs that are out of place; these two combined seem to be wreaking havoc on chest muscles and nerves, and hopefully this is what is causing it all. I CAN tell you that with the right stretching and adjustments, I can put a good decrease on the frequency and intensity of the pain.

I think the biggest thing for me is still the anxiety FROM the pain. Like most everyone here, I am not generally an anxious person; my anxiety stems FROM the chest pain and what comes with it. And like everyone here, I'm still searching for the perfect answer, though I've been told by both my cardiologist and my general doctor at this point that we may never know what started it all, but hopefully we can find the right treatment plan. Right now, that entails a small dose of Metoprolol (25mg, 2x day), Xanax (.25mg) as needed, and following the stretches given to me by my physical therapist along with weekly chiropractic visits.

Is anyone else trying these things? Noticing a difference? Thanks for sharing all of your stories. Ironically, it makes me feel normal.

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