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Re: is it possible i have lupus? help please!!!

Lupus is a very hard thing 2 CORRECTLY diagnose as it mimics so other illnesses. I WOULS say it sounds like u have an autoimmune condition but wouldn't like 2 say whether or not I thought it was lupus, RA or anything like that. I would definitely go back 2 u're GP as u need more bloods done, even scans, ultrasounds etc It doesn't sound like they've taken things very seriously, especially when they've basically thrown medication at u without being really sure what's up.Blood results coming back near on normal doesn't indicate there is no problem, it's quite possible 2 have normalish bloods, even with autoimmune illnesses (eg, I have lupus, RA, APS etc but my ANA, which is supposedly a good indication of lupus, is positive 1 minute, then negative the next, even when I'm in full on flare lol!). Just go back & tell him u want 2 b referred, don't b fobbed off & put u're foot down, after all, we pay their wages. Good luck.