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Re: Five month plus

My dear friend tinam7
Yes our daily struggles can be discouraging and we fight to keep motivated and our days filled with hope. You are a very strong person with so much to give. Your posts here have been a saving grace for so many and it is people like yourself who make this website the dynamic inspiring place that it is. So much encouragement comes from those who have suffered or are suffering with the same daily battles and trials that we oursleves are battling. Such strength comes from our posts and our sharing. It is unbelievable the good work you have done.
Your walks outside are such a blessing to gain that peace and regain your balance. I find it is as important as our breathing. We must do it and we must continue doing it or we will not thrive. And it is all about not just living and not just going day to day but thriving in this new life we have been given. So much is unknown to us but one thing we do know, we were saved for a reason and thats a great thing. We know we must march forward and keep our vision for a better life always outfront where we can see it. We must rely on friends ( your stroke board family ) to help you get over the mountains that we are constantly challenged and required to climb, and we do.
We are survivors, we are strong and we beat the odds. We are the battlers of depression, fear, uncertainty, and we win those battles. We win them every day and we help others win their battles.
To you my friend I hope God blesses you with a great abundance of joy and peace for all the good you do on this earth. God Bless Mulchie

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