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Re: Initial MS Diagnosis/MRI question

Agreed on all accounts, Whimpurr!. We can encourage each other and those of us trying to find answers. Like you, I know from Where my strength comes and to Whom to look to for comfort.

Had the evoked potentional today and the tech said she didn't "think I had anything to worry about" but that the dr. had to read it. Unless there is something wrong, I won't get that test result until Jan. 2. The only thing that looked strange to me while taking the test is that the small red box lost color as the test progressed. I asked the tech if that meant anything and she said to mention it to the dr. I already know that some people lose color sense but I don't seem to see it less normally.

I want to say I so appreciate these healthboards and those who participate. I can find all kinds of information about MS online, but I can't find the little bites and pieces and nuances I can learn here from people who actually are experiencing symptoms and can give a more definitive definition of what's going on. It is a great help. Take care, Whimpurr.