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hello all

hello all i currently have a thread up called yeast infection or a reaction?

I believe i may have caused my self to get balanitis, I have been to GP and he thinks it as an STD , clearly is not one as I have not had unsafe sex, I all ways rubber up and have one at all times in my wallet (Old habits) I know they are not 100% effective and am having a follow up on friday.

I must say I know it is not an STD or HIV. Last partner she got regular std and blood tests and has only had sex with two other men and used a condom with both, I also saw these results as she had a copy of the results on her. (I was curious to see them lol)

And I have had sex with this woman in the past with out catching anything.

Any way down to why I think I have Balanitis.

I have been looking at images on google (I know do not google symptom search adds to your anxiety) and the gross images seem to match up almost perfectly to what I have.

I have a well defined red blotchy rash on the glans facing toward the body, and it looks like the red line trails down from the urethra and then to the rim of the helmet. I also have a very small blister that you can only see in the right light. it is itchy and irritable, and he foreskin is red and i find it hard to pull the foreskin back, i mean i can get it down past the glans but not as far as I used to be able to as it hurts (It has always hurt pulling my fore skin back though phimosis I believe it is called)

So does this sound like balanitis?

I don't all ways wipe up after masturbation, which I believe could be one of the causes, due to poor hygiene (the red like line that trails down from the urethra, by the way it is part of the rash) and my penis hygiene is not the best i keep forgetting to clean under the fore skin with warm water, and the one time i do i rub soap all on the head of it and it was this time nearly 3 months ago I just want to know how to get rid of this annoying condition.

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