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Re: Initial MS Diagnosis/MRI question

Thanks, JayHawk. I was wondering during the test if the black and white flashing was more the cause of the color change than losing it by my eyesight. The tech did not offer to note it on her report; only told me to tell the doctor. It is really good to know how sensitive this test is. That's encouraging! Now we wait again. I am not the nervous type nor a worrier, but the thought has occurred to me that if I don't have MS, do I have something worse? Just rhetorical thinking; not asking. My lumbar MRI test went smoothly and I have a copy of the disc. A copy of the report will also be sent to me; a good thing. I feel like a jig saw puzzle that has started to be separated into colors and corners but with no rush on the part of the puzzle worker to get it finished. I am learning patience while being a patient. Take care, J.