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Re: hello all

Balanitis just means inflammation of the glans (balanoposthitis=glans+foreskin inflammation). If it's not an irritation from friction or allergic reaction, such inflammation is a sign of infection. Your doc said it could be a STD because it is possible to get such infections from sex, but he probably needs to test to determine precisely what it is. Did he take a culture to test? (Did he swab your meatus?) This is the standard means to determine if it's a "proper" STD (like gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, etc.) or (less harmful, more common) yeast or other more benign bacteria. Did he prescribe an antibiotic of some sort?

Whether it is bacteria or yeast, keeping it dry will help you overcome it. I would keep the foreskin retracted for at least an hour a day to dry out the glans (and longer times are probably better). Keeping the area clean and dry may be enough to overcome yeast--without doing much else (i.e., IF it's not a more serious infection). If your foreskin is too long/loose to stay retracted without sliding back down, you can use wound binding tape to hold it back (by taping it back at the base of the penis). If it's too tight to retract with an erection, you'll want to stretch it out CAREFULLY, which you can read about on the "Men's Health" board "Stretching To Fix Tight Foreskin (Phimosis)".

Don't masturbate before going to sleep because you don't want any semen residue in the area. That will only encourage the infection to spread. (You definitely don't want this infection to start affecting your prostate, but leaving semen on yourself and in your urethra encourages that. If you can't wash your penis shortly after ejaculating, at least urinate to flush the semen residue out of your urethra.)

That the inflammation continues to the meatus (as you said) makes it seem pretty likely that the infection could have migrated into the urinary tract already (or it may have originated from there).

Cranberry has components that prevent microbes from binding to the tissue of the urinary tract, so it might help. It helps flush out the urinary tract too. (Note: it's not like it's going to cure serious infections, but it can still help with them a bit.) Besides cranberry, you should drink plenty of water to help flush out pathogens. (Don't let your urine become too concentrated). You should also avoid milk, dairy, sugar and all sweets to minimize feeding the pathogen (especially if it's yeast)--at least until it's cleared up.

Another thing: Whether this is a proper STD or just a yeast infection, you are certainly contagious now (if you didn't know). You don't want to have sex until this has been gone for at least a couple weeks. (OTOH if it were a proper STD, you could still be contagious even when it seems like it's gone.)

I hope this info helps!