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Triple Athrodesis and Running?

I have been ALL over the internet looking for an answer to this question; what are my chances of being able to run again AFTER my triple athrodesis?

(I also have to get an achilles tendon replacement with my FHL, and my heel shaved down because it protrudes because of my faulty achilles.)

I'm mainly worried about the Triple. I've had an achilles surgery before (re-ruptured) and I know about the recovery process. I put off the surgery to go to Afghanistan in a brace that keeps my foot completely immobile at a 90 degree angle. I went on over 50 patrols in 60 days. I tell you this to let you know, I can deal with some pain. That being said, there are days that are worse than others!

My worry, I am 27 years old, I have a newborn, I want to be able to run around and play with him when he gets older! Right now, I am athletic, I KNOW I can't stay in the Marine Corps after the surgery, I'm fine with that, and have already started college courses.

Will I be able to run?

If so, is it just painful, or is it impossible?

If I put off the surgery are their bracing options?

And, if I can't run, has anyone decided to just go through with an amputation? If so, what were your results?

I have my pre-op in a month and am scheduled for surgery in January. I deeply appreciate any insight that can be offered. Thank you so much!


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