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I would like to also add, I know it is not herpes, I would have blisters but mine has nearly gone now, and herpes blisers last 2-3 weeks and have clear fluid in them same goes with a syphilis blister but that lasts 2 months, when mine burst (accidently by scratching) Blood came out it.

but like i said she was clean from everything. and has only slept with two other men like i said. (Long term relation ships) which means frm her negative test results they were also clean. and i plan on avoiding sex even if it has been three months.

I just want it to go as i mentioned I have had similar type of thing back when I was 17, same sort of rash. same place. but then it hurt to pee and there was blood in it as well but did a urine test and had the all clear but then I was a virgin.

And as i pointed out the images of balanitis match up with what I have, and of course the metus as you called it.

but I want a test done to be sure as i said.

I also developed tori mandibularis from being stressed over this, think i was teeth grinding during my sleep.