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Unhappy I had sex for the first time and scared that I'm going to be pregnant.?

So my boyfriend and I had sex on Nov. 24 3 times in a row but we took 5 or more minute breaks. It was my first time. We had only two condoms but we reused the second condom from the second time we did it for the third time. He didn't flip the condom inside out but he did shake it out and wipe it on a towel. (The condom wasn't broken and it was perfectly fine) When he started to go fast he he pulled out super quickly and left the condom in me. He thought it would be sketchy to ejaculate inside me. Partial of the condom was hanging out, most likely the opening but it wasn't touching my vagina. The condom was still on him when we were having sex but when he pulled out it stayed in me. Nothing was dripping from the condom. He was dripping on my blanket and on the floor. I pulled out the condom as quickly as i could. I was really scared that some went inside me so i went to rinse myself out and have him check for me, like dig his fingers inside to see if there's stuff inside. When he left I tested to see if there were holes inside the condom by putting tons of water inside there and squeezing each part of the condom. No water came out of the condom we re used. I took the morning after pill ( next choice, one dose) before 36 hours. We had protected sex through out but I'm scared about the third time we did it. Also, if you had sex for the first time are you suppose to feel cramps? I started to feel cramping during sex and then after sex because he was lifting my left leg over me a lot and then both of my legs. I'm really anxious and I felt nausea from thinking so much about this. I regret having sex the third time. I can't stop thinking about this either because I was stupid to have sex the third time.

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