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ADHD meds suggestions

Started seeing Dr. 2 months ago about ADHD.
He tried Wellbutrin....made me sleepy
Ritalin 36mg Er.......roller coaster feelings of tired/normal but no additional energy that everyone else talks about.
Now he's got me on Nuvigil 150mg x1/day.....tried it additional energy, kinds feel mellow like I did years ago on Valium.
I've always been the type needing constant mental stimulation, always on the go, etc.
I only/ always have slept only 5-6 hours/night irregardless of how tired I was the night before.
I have a high tolerance to caffeine, as I normally drink 4-5 20oz cups dark blend coffee each morning...don't know if this matters.....
Also, before I started seeing doctor, a customer of mine gave me a green Adderall to try and itworked excellent!!! Lot's of energy, not slowing my thoughts or anything. The best results I think I've gotten over anything the doctor has tried.
I've never been a pill/seeing the doctor person so should I suggest Adderall??
Thank you.

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