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Day 10 - doctor visit

Did a follow up today. He said it looks very good. Epithelium is completely grown back. I have some astigmatism still but he said it is way to early to say where I will end up. He said that he could see inflammation which is pretty normal for 10 days and that is what the steroid drops are for. He checked my inter ocular pressure (IOP) which normally runs a touch high. I was several points higher than usual in that eye which is a common side effect of the steroid drops. He wants me to use travatan drops once per day until I finish the steroid in three weeks. This should lower my IOP.

Vision in the left eye is not much different. He felt I was healing faster than average and suspected i would be stable before the 2 month mark which is the expectation I have been setting for myself. I asked if he had a prediction for where I would end up and he laughed and said NO. .


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