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Re: What do these things mean?

Originally Posted by Hypochondriacyy View Post
Heterogenous means more then one kind. Its usually seen when there is fat cells mixed in with normal liver cells. Coarsened means not smooth, this COULD be indicative of cirrhosis, but I believe that ultrasounds vary so much from operator, to radiologist, to the actual machine. I had a normal ultrasound on a portable unit done at my doctors office, then a few months latter at NYU Medical Center in NY where they have have a $100,000.00 high frequency unit, it showed this: "mild heterogenous echo texture possibly indicating mild patches of fat".

I would think that your CT scan would over-rule your ultrasound. I believe the CT is more accurate and would be better at showing anything serious like regenerative nodules (cirrhosis). Also, the unremarkable contour is good! You certainly dont want a coarsened nodular contour. They say an MRI is even better.

I like to subscribe to my grandmothers advice who lived to 101 who always said "if you keep running to doctors looking for trouble you will find it"

Thanks! I was given a copy of my records to bring to the next person I have to see. My GI doc referred me to a hepatologist, but I can't get in until January. I was reading my CT results and this was something that wasn't brought up to me and I didn't exactly understand it when I read it in terms of the "density". I figured if it was a big deal that my doctor would have told me so I wasn't necessarily worried, I just like to know what these things mean. We still have no idea what is going on. Honestly, I am done with doctors. I'm so sick of going but my GI doc said I need to figure out what is going on. He said I may need a biopsy. I can't imagine what in the world it could be and what a biopsy would find that blood work and imaging can't, but maybe that's why they're doctors and I'm not! I even asked my GI doc if this is something that I can kind of blow off and he said no, that regardless of how much it costs (which a consultation with a hepatologist without insurance very well may cost me $600) that it will be well worth it to figure out what this is. Makes me want to pull my hair out...I just want to feel better. It's frustrating, but hopefully one day I will have an answer of some sort.