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Re: Getting sick

I have had to increase the use of my rescue inhaler. And I do have a nebulizer at home. I should have done a treatment last night but I didn't. My husband even told me to but I just used my inhaler. I will be doing a treatment tonight and hope that helps more. I agree with you the nebulizer seems to get more meds into my lungs as well! I am starting to second guess myself though a out having a URI because my son who has asthma as well is having problems. And we are the only two people out of 6 that are sick. Who knows though.

Originally Posted by MountainReader View Post
Are you using your rescue inhaler frequently? Do you have a nebulizer at home? Sometimes, I find that the nebulizer gives me a bit of a boost in getting the meds further into my lungs.

I've been in a similiar situation. I got a flare that started in September and I'm still dealing with a lingering cough. I first upped my Advair dosage, then I eventually switched to Dulera 200 and added Singulair. I also tried a couple rounds of antibiotics. It started as a true asthma flare, but I think an URI creeped in while I was down from the asthma. I also get Tessalon Perle to help calm the cough.

I know how miserable these flares are. I hope you feel better soon.