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12 days old and TSH 7 - Congenital Hypothyroid?

my daughter had a TSH reading of 20 in her newborn screening and everything else was negative. About a week later we did another test for TSH and H4 and the results were 7 for TSH and 1.000(something) for T4. The results were given to my SO over the phone so I do not have them in front of me. The doctor also said that the T4 is more or less normal range since was a few decimal points difference but they have 4 as an upper range for for TSH, and our reading was 7. Needless to say, I'm extremely concerned so I have a few questions:

Would this be high, normal high, moderately high or what? I've read here and in other boards of 100+ TSH readings.

Is it normal to drop from 20 to 7 in just a week?

What are the normal TSH ranges in USA or other developed countries...or labs /clinics?

I am starting treatment after meeting an endo this week, but Is it possible for this to disappear in 2-3-X-XX years of time?

I've read about the symptoms (stunted growth, possible retardation, heart and other issues) and as I said I am starting treatment, but the doctor said that this is to prevent future problem for when he becomes an adult. Was that to make us feel better, is the reading borderline and maybe that's why, or is the reading really bad? Before screening and in many countries she said that kids would find out when symptoms had already been manifested and damage done. As of right now my child looks perfectly OK, eats a lot, shows weight gain at 200 gr /week, wants to be held, goes to the bathroom a lot (sometimes just after we wash her for that and stays up quite a bit during the night.

What can I ask the endo?

What tests can he /she do to other than blood?

I'd be grateful for any insight. She's my little

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