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Re: Lyme Treatments - What has helped you?

I will give you a list of some of my supps. I have lyme, Babesia, and bartonella. So my supps help with all of these. I did have ebv but I don't anymore. I've also had parasites, but was on an rx for that and that has cleared up too.
The abx I'm on are: tindamax, omnicef, rifampin, mepron, malarone. My stomach appears to be very healthy and all of these abx don't bother me. I do take nystatin for yeast tho.
Here are some of my supps: intestinal drawing formula ( for binding toxins). I also take green clay and diatomaceous earth. Clay for binding and the diatomaceous earth for parasites.
1000 mg vit c, 5000 mg vit d, magnesium
I take beyond balance drops: bb1, bar 1 and 2, bab1.
Other drops include: circulopath , drainage tone
I also make a drink with a lot of other drops as well - could get you that info too.
I take artemisinin, cats claw, yucca, aminogest, lymph support, dhea, pregenelone.
Fish oil, limonene , and more. That's not all of it but that should help give you some stuff to research.
I know a lot of people do Byron whites protocol. I haven't.
Other people do the salt/c protocol too.
Do you see an llmd or naturopath?