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Re: ADHD meds suggestions

TYVM for your reply :-)

The pill/seeing part was just that I meant I'm ignorant to the whole ADHD scene and am not familiar with treatments and methods. I posted on here to get suggestions from those who have been dealing with this.

I have always been the type that needs to be doing something constantly, mentally or physically. When I was younger and had less responsibilities, it was easier to be on the run all day, hanging out with friends, road trips, etc.
But, now that I'm older and have to work/pay bills, etc., doing that isn't so easy any more. So, I've turned to computer games.
I really would rather be out doing whatever, I like being on the go, it's just that work/home/family responsibilities pretty much eliminate anything like that, so I'm stuck using the computer as an outlet.


1) get up at @ 3:30 a.m. ((5-6 hours sleep/night (always been this way)).
2) when I wake up, debate whether I want to play on the computer or try to go back to sleep until I have to get up at 5:45 for work, the computer usually always wins because I need the mental stimulation more than sleep. And it's pretty much the only time I get to myself.
3) Drink 3-5 20oz cups dark blend coffee before work, although it does nothing for me anymore, I just like coffee.*
*(I could have a cup of coffee at bedtime and still sleep the same.)
4) 7 a.m., at work now until @4-5 p.m. then home, etc.

**************LONG STORY SHORT:

My life revolves around work/family responsibilities. I can't take enough time for myself. It's always help a sick family member or work, which is pretty much the same as we both run the same company and when he's out, I compensate.
So, I'm stuck trying to find alternate ways to satisfy the constant need for something to do. I could really be on-the-go almost all day long , exploring, researching, investigating, whatever, I LOVE anything new but am so heavily weighted down by my life now.........


My life won't change any time soon and I'm intelligent enough to realize it. So, let's focus on getting me the proper energy to deal with everything as opposed to trying to make me focus or trying to slow me down or whatever.
I try supplements, eating the best I can with my schedule, exercise when I can but still always feel tapped.