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Re: ADHD meds suggestions

Personally, It sounds like you are an "addiction hopper" just like me, you need something to throw all this pent up mental stress at. In a nut-shell, this seems more than a mid-life crisis than an ADD related problem.

But, I can't really vouch, since im neither a psychologist or psychiatrist. So, I suggest that if you don't have one, try investing some money in one. Who knows, this could all be just a rut. Seeing as it seems you aren't suffering so much from a lack of focus, but rather a "lack of direction".

All I can do is give you some advice that my psychiatrist gave me: Draw up a chart of what you want to do, or where you want to be in the future. And plan steps that will help you get there, even if it only one step at a time.

And if it truly is the lack of direction that is bothering you, that is normal for ppl with ADD, we aren't so much forward thinkers, but rater; live day by day in the here-and-now. Or, you could have slight tendencies towards type 3 &/or type 5 ADD.

However, I wouldn't suggest you take Adderall just because it gives you "energy" (because then you might as well go call yourself a manicdepressive, going through highs on the meds and lows off them.), bt that adderall gives you "drive".

Hope my suggestions help...