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So Depressed in 5 months waiting.

Anyone please help.
I'm Joe first of all pardon me, english is not my mother language and i still learn it. i'm male 30 years old. at the end of may 2012 i had sexual activities with male. he gived me blow job (oral) and i didn't give him oral, we didn't wear any condom when practising it. And then he gived me hand job. my questions are : 1. can i get hiv from oral sex? (insertive) 2. can i get HIV if his hand had been expose to his precum fluid and then he gived me a hand job? 3. On June, starting experiencing sore throt , mild fever, diarrhea on week 3, i have constant fatigue, i dont know wheter i have swollen lymph gland or not, my stomach is upset, are those hiv acute symptoms? until now i experiencing fatigue, blured vision than before, i found a few floats and flashes in my vision. 4. i have tested my self after 3 weeks exposure and i get NR. and then at 5 month with rapid test at public hospital also NR, i want to ask also about accuracy of my test? how about delayed seroconversion case? what kind of people experiencing delayed seroconverison.

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