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Re: Lyme Treatments - What has helped you?


Lyme Disease is a life changer, for sure. I understand your frustration.

I would just encourage you to find something that you trust for treatment and then stick with it through the herx's. An LLMD or Naturopath could help greatly to keep you on track, especially when a herx arises. I never worked with an LLMD as I chose a different path to healing, but if you opt for some type of allopathic therapy then your best bet is the lyme specialist, even if you have to travel.

But back to your herxing. From all your reading here I'm sure you know that a herx is a good thing as it indicates the treatment is working. But you need to be detoxing when these occur. For me (and most), this required a truck load of potions to get me through them. Different potions for different ailments. This is where these forums and research are so important - to learn what has worked for others with similar symptoms. Oftentimes I did feel worse from addressing the herx, even feeling like I was at death's door, but this is when it's important not to give up. Better to back off a bit than stop treatment altogether because if you stop you're just giving the spirochetes another chance to flourish. If they gain a foothold, it's like starting all over again!

I have had LD for as long as you, probably about 10 years longer. I think I am about 90+% healed but I still do a maintenance dose of my treatment every day. Once you reach a chronic stage of LD it becomes more difficult to completely eradicate the critters. LD is then a bit like Malaria in that certain circumstances, like stress, diet, etc. can bring the symptoms to the fore. However, usually at this point they are mild symptoms. This has been my experience, as well as others I know in a similar stage of healing. But this necessitates going through all aspects of the treatment. In doing so, it will get better! Hard to believe, I know, when you are where you are right now.

It was lyme buddies who kept me from going off the deep end. Just knowing that so many others were experiencing exactly what I was helped tremendously in the encouragement department. This is why I continue to post here. Maybe there is even a physical support group in your area?

I know you didn't ask for advice so I hope you don't mind hearing this. It's just that I felt your frustration because I have known it as well. There is hope. There is help. Don't give up on yourself MM.


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