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Re: Cervical Spine Disc Problems, reassurance its not in my head needed.

Hello, Thank you for your reply, I hope things are ok with your condition. I have an appointment through now for 14th December, to be seen for a second opinion, I am fortunate enough to have a copy of the MRI scan image from 2010 - I also have a copy of that scan and most recent MRI Report, as well as letters from other Doctors etc etc, so I will have them with me, incase needed. I know I have a problem with my neck, I think unfortunately, most people believe what they are told when they see someone that supposedly specialises in a certain field, and I had a wobble moment of doubt, to how I actually do feel... I have never ever been spoken to as badly as I was in that appoinment, and then to have a copy letter sent to me, that is basically telling my GP there is nothing wrong with my neck too, just made me feel pretty bad for a bit... what makes it worse, is I have been waiting for nearly 3 years now for some proper help with this. Luckily, my GP was sent a copy of my MRI Report, and she has some knowledge herself and has already contradicted some of what the Consultant said to me, so that is a start. Thank you to everyone who has replied to my post, it really does mean a lot, to know there are other people out there, with similar problems, and also that care enough to reply, so thank you so much again.