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Pre-Lasik check up question


My surgery is set for this Friday but during my final vision test yesterday I noticed that the vision in my right eye was a little blurry compared to the vision test about 30 minutes prior when I first arrived. I mentioned this to the doctor out of concern that something was off and I might get Lasik'd to the wrong prescription and he said the settings were unchanged between the first test of the day and that last one.

He said that its normal, and that if he gave me 10 tests the vision by the end could degrade due to my eyes being tired. I was skeptical but he showed me the numbers from all 4 vision tests they've performed on me over last 2 weeks. The right eye was steady and my left eye with astigmatism had changed a little. I then looked thru the optical test device and my left eye was still clear and my right eye was still a lil blurry.

I don't know what to make of this. With the first 3 tests everything looked clear when they dialed in my prescription but of course on that very last test the right eye vision was blurred. He said I shouldn't worry and the numbers don't lie, but I can't shake the feeling. His bedside manner isn't great which I think compounded my concern but he's been doing this for over 20 years.

Am I worrying over nothing? I hope this makes sense, its early and I haven't had any coffee yet. Thanks in advance.

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