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Re: Getting sick

I just checked the air quality and it is in the orange for the next two days. I am starting to think it is a mixture of everything from being sick to my asthma giving me more problems then normal when I am sick I am guessing it is cuz of the bad air quality. And that would make sense while our son is coughing more because of the air. It sucks when it is a bunch of stuff combined. Sick and air quality cuz it just makes it horrible.

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Changes in weather and seasons can also be a trigger. When I went to see my doc in October, he looked back at my records and said I'd been there almost a year to date in the past years for my asthma/coughing issues.

Also, air quality in my area is really poor. You might check the monitoring of your local air quality to see if that is a problem in your area.

Allergens can also be a big trigger.

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