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Diagnosed with PCOS - looking for success stories

Hey girls,

So glad I found this forum. I'm just looking for some encouragement. My husband and I have been TTC since January with no luck. I was on BC for 12 years, I went off last December. I've actually had pretty regular periods since going off BC, anywhere from 27-31 days. I haven't missed a period, but I always new that something was wrong. I have always had horrific periods, and I started when I was 11. So, we decided to get checked out.
We went to my gynocologist last week and she did an ultrasound, then diagnosed me with PCOS. Well, I cried like a freakin baby. Ha, Im such a loser. So, she put me on Metformin (1,000 MG/day). And Chlomid as well. I started the Metformin last week and will start Chlomid in a couple weeks, after my cycle starts. The good thing is, my bloodwork came back fine.
I'm curious about the side effects with Metformin. Since I started taking it, I am EXHAUSTED. Also, I've had diarrhea and been pretty nauseous. Is this normal? Do any of you girls have these symptoms? Was wondering if there was a way to illeviate them at all. I think I did figure out that if I eat a fatty meal, the symptoms are A LOT worse. So, I'm going to stay away from grease and fatty foods. I've also been very thirsty.
Also curious if any of you have success stories with these medicines? I'm just feeling a little down right now, looking for some encouragement I pray that this medicine works! She told me there is a higher chance that we could have multiples, but, at this point, we'll just be happy to be pregnant!
Thanks in advance!!

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