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Re: 14 days off Percocet, still withdrawing?


Congats first of all for getting off those cold turkey. That is a very very hard thing to do. I am the lying stealing and all of the bad things that come with it pill addict. I have quit several times (through medical detox) and have always gone back. This last time I have stayed off. The biggest problem I had was not sleeping at night. Waking up not being able to go back to sleep and restlessness then, being dead tired the next day. This was going on about 2 weeks after my detox. I started by taking benadryl and melatonin at night. Then I would sleep all night. When I got home from the facility I was in, I did not want to be dependent on Benadryl so I stopped taking that and just stuck with the melatonin. It works great and now I sleep great. (I have 4 months clean) I think that with opiate dependency, it takes quite sometime to get our bodies back together. I know it takes a long time for our brains to heal. It is a very hard process in the first 90 days. Your on an emotional roller-coaster and things are not great sometimes but it will get better. If you ever want to talk, msg me!!