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Re: Constant nausea inner ear issues

I'm glad I could help a little, Brooke. One thing that is so hard when you're going through this is feeling alone. And wondering if you are the only person who feels this way! (You aren't.

The best thing you can do is try to keep moving. Staying still feels better but it will hasten your healing if you keep moving around the house, walking, etc. Someone explained to me that your brain has to relearn every little movement that your body makes all over again, this time with less help from one of your ears. Don't go crazy, because that doesn't help but at the end I did find that working out (fitness classes) took care of the last of my healing. Slowly do more and more. It helps your brain learn to compensate.

You should totally look into VRT. My ENT referred me for it. It helps speed up the process. They should be able to tailor it to your specific needs but it's things like moving your head up and down while your gaze is fixed on an object, side to side, etc.

There was never a day when I went wow! It's gone! There were many days when I'd think Wow, I haven't been dizzy in three weeks". It was such a slow process for me. Three steps forward two steps back. But like I said I had dizzy weeks and good weeks. The unpredictability isn't fun. But you will get through this. Hang in there! I know it's hard to ignore but if you try, it can help. I hated being "the dizzy person", got tired of talking about and always worried about it. So I just tried to start acting normal (even when I felt yucky). Sorry I'm rambling. Take good care and I am sending you healing vibes!!