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Thumbs down I have a back problem and i cannot get out of bed in the morning, they call me 'lazy'

I am a teen. i have minor scheuermann's disease (bone problem, severe pain). Each morning i wake up and i physically cannot get out of bed, i cannot seem to pick myself up, i can only roll over. I may lie there for 30 mins max, usually i end up falling asleep if i cannot get up quick enough. This has caused many arguments with my family as they think i am just 'lazy'. I am usually late to school due to this, meaning i am getting consequences for being late. My parents do not understand and i am sure there is an underlying problem with my spine. I have taken the courtesy of booking a doctors appointment but i have to wait till Monday for this so i was wondering if anyone had any advice or help?

Sincerely, someone very desperate for a good night sleep, no pain, and a happy family life.

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