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Re: Surgery on 11/30 - Im scared!

Just as Titchou has stated: don't stress yourself out over this. Yes it is a major surgery. I was in your same position about 6 months ago when I had mine taken out and it too was my first surgery ever (if you're not counting teeth). It is very wise that leading up to the surgery that you start eating very light meals that are low in fat and continue it for several weeks after the surgery. Everyone is different when it comes down to recovery and starting to feel normal again. But, believe me, you will feel so much better after the surgery because the pain will go away.
I did opt to stay in the hospital for the night, but you may not feel like doing it if you are given the option to go home. When trying to get out of bed or off the sofa, roll on your left side if possible and use your arms to pull yourself up into a sitting position with your feet on the floor. It takes some of the pressure off your stomach area, but it will still be sore.
Don't be surprised if the loose stools continue for a while afterwards (everyone is different). Your body will adjust overtime and find its own rythm. One thing that may help while you are healing, is when you take a shower have it on a luke-warm temperature and a fine spray. Let that hit where you had surgery and it will help relax the muscles and later on if you have stitches, relieves the itch.
I hope that your surgery goes great and that you recover fast. It will be an adjustment, but it will be for the good and you'll feel better than ever after you've completely healed.