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Re: ADHD meds suggestions

I'm ashamed to say it's my psychiatrist that's been giving me these meds....and that I think you've given me more advice in your posts than he has.
Our appointments usually go like this: (Dr.: how r u doing?, (I talk for 5, maybe 10 minutes, he writes out a script and gets up out of his chair to open the door for me.))
Guess it's time to find another psychiatrist.
You're right though, it is a rut, my mind is still going as fast as it has all my life and life's applying the brakes
I went to him wanting some insight into why I think like this, the way people think/act has always fascinated me. And hey, if he could have actually done something that help me deal with the "life slowing me down" thing, then cool.
I can/have dealt with it for a long time now, just guess I was looking for a break from it.
I've put a lot of thought into solutions and, I'm being very truthful about this, I really never have been a person to look toward drugs as a solution. Just with my work and family issues, it would be an easier way to help.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all the time you've spent on this with me, appreciate it.

b.t.w.- Don't know if you've tried it yet, but this Nuvigil stuff had me feeling like a bad hangover all day
((second day using it......))
Thanks! again~

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